Journey Among the Stars: Open Space Foundation's Expedition at the 9th AP-SGW 2023

Democrazily Science Nov 22, 2023

Story from Mr.Balaji Prasath S, Board Member of Open Space Foundation

Embarking on a celestial odyssey, I represented the Open Space Foundation at the 9th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop (AP-SGW) 2023 in Bengaluru, India. Over two enlightening days on the 18th and 19th of November, our workgroup delved into the cosmic tapestry of “Asia-Pacific’s Advancements in Space Technology & Planetary Exploration.” Guided by the stellar leadership of Mr Shoaib Sheriff and subject experts Jatan Mehta, Raghav Sharma, and Kishan Thakkar, our cosmic discussions illuminated the potential of the Asia-Pacific region in shaping the future of space exploration.

Navigating Cosmic Horizons: Key Focus Questions

1. Collaboration Among National Agencies:

Our cosmic journey commenced with a pivotal question: How can National Agencies within the Asia-Pacific collaborate based on their past missions and expertise in Lunar and Martian missions? The discussions propelled us into an orbit of shared knowledge, fostering collaboration and unity among space pioneers.

2. Addressing Planetary Exploration Awareness:

Within the cosmic tapestry, a challenge emerged—the lack of awareness about the benefits of planetary exploration. Together, we explored avenues for raising awareness in the Asia-Pacific community, envisioning a future where the wonders of planetary exploration are embraced by all.

3. Space Technology as a Global Problem Solver:

Our cosmic sojourn ventured into the potential of space technology to address global challenges. From climate change to resource scarcity, our discussions transcended earthly boundaries, envisioning space technology as a beacon of solutions for humanity's most pressing issues.

4. Technology Transfer for Sustainable Space Development:

The final frontier of our exploration unfolded—the intricate dance of technology transfer among Asia-Pacific countries. We pondered how this transfer could fuel sustainable space development, fostering a future where collaboration is the cornerstone of space exploration.

Celestial Encounters: Guest Speakers and Cultural Revelations

Our cosmic journey was enriched by encounters with celestial luminaries.

Mrs. Nandini Harinath, Deputy Director at ISTRAC, shared the triumphs of the "Chandrayaan-3 Mission Success."

A Fireside Chat with Mr. Imtiaz Ali Khan and Mr. P Rajesh from ISRO kindled sparks of inspiration, providing insights into the captivating Gaganyaan Mission

An Astronaut interaction Session with Ms. Naoko Yamazaki, Former JAXA Astronaut, allowed us to glimpse the cosmic adventures of the 2nd Female Japanese Astronaut.

Meeting with Dr. A K Anil Kumar, Vice President, Relations with International Organizations, International Astronautical Federation

Moreover, the international cultural events added an elegant touch to our cosmic symphony. These events not only showcased the diverse beauty of participating countries but also provided a unique opportunity to learn about the rich cultures that each delegate brought to the cosmic table.

Gratitude to the Cosmic Architects: 9th AP-SGW Organizing Team

Our cosmic expedition would not have been possible without the meticulous orchestration by the 9th AP-SGW Organizing Team. Heartfelt thanks to Rishin Aggarwal, Gracio Joyal Lobo, Aleena Joseph, Aaruni Sharma, Karthika R Ramdoss, Dasuni Hewawasam, Subhrajit Barua, Muhammad Rayan Khan, Tsion E Bonger, Dhanusshya Raghu, Vinod Sridhar, Gurukiran V, Jeremiyah Titus J, and Dhanisha Sateesh for crafting an unforgettable cosmic experience.

Celestial Bonds: Exchanging Knowledge and Experiences

During this cosmic sojourn, I had the pleasure of encountering remarkable delegates. Individuals like Kamalesh Mohan, an aspiring astronaut, and Sudharsan, a passionate advocate for space science, enriched the discussions with their unique perspectives. The exchange of knowledge was akin to the gravitational pull of ideas, creating a cosmic bond that transcended the boundaries of our diverse backgrounds.


As I reflect on this cosmic voyage at the 9th AP-SGW, I am filled with gratitude for the Open Space Foundation's opportunity to contribute to this celestial confluence of minds. The workshop was not just an event; it was a cosmic rendezvous that has left an indelible mark on the trajectory of our journey into the cosmos. Until our next cosmic expedition, may the stars continue to guide us on our quest for knowledge and exploration.