Asteroid Day Ideathon - Submit your idea

Democrazily Science Jun 14, 2023

Open Space Foundation organizes Asteroid Day - Ideathon, an innovative competition for the school students on the account of International asteroid day celebration.

Ideathon is a creativity-based science competition in which the students are motivated to develop a sustainable idea of engaging the asteroids in scientific & economical explorations and also develop a planetary defence.

Who can participate?

Students from classes 6 to 12 can take part in the competition. The participation can be individual or as a team, with a maximum of three students per team.

Themes:      1. Scientific exploration on Asteroids.

2. Asteroids for Tourism / Agriculture / Spaceports

3. Planetary defence

The participants can select anyone among the three themes and develop a creative idea. It can be any level of exploration in general. The competition aims to evaluate the scientific understanding of asteroids, presence of mind, creative & critical thinking.

Guidelines :

  • Select a near earth asteroid / main belt asteroid from the global database (
  • Find the scientific details using the below resources to develop an idea to explore your favourite asteroids. (
  • Develop an idea on the selected theme and submit it through the given google form. The idea can be full text, or pictorial with explanation, or slides with explanation which should clearly outline the idea. Please refer to the sample idea to understand how to develop your idea.

Deadline: Submit your Idea on or before 23rd June 2023


The reports will be evaluated based on the scientific interpretation and observations of the asteroids made by the participants. The winners of the competition will be honoured at the International asteroid day celebration to be held on 30/6/2023. The venue will be informed to the winners in advance.

How to submit the report?

Use this Google form to get register & submit your idea for the Asteroid Day Ideathon programme. Before heading to this form, please make sure to prepare the scan copy of your idea in either PDF or JPEG or PNG or PPT format.

Please don’t submit multiple entries for the same team/individual. If multiple entries have detected, the submission will be automatically disqualified.

Submission form: