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Democrazily Science Dec 5, 2019

Experimenting is a wonderful way to understand Science and nature. At OSF we build platforms for young minds to do experiments and carry out demonstrations in an entertaining and democratic manner. Yes, we are trying to bring out science and technology from the four walls of laboratories. Democrazily Science project intends to entertain and energize people through hands on experiments to understand the fundamentals of basic science. Throughout this programme you will play, learn, design, build and test various models and experiments. Feel it and learn it.

Currently we have platforms to learn and experiment in the following areas, 1. Rocket modelling 2. Satellite modelling 3. Robotics 4. Telescope making 5. Satellite Tracking 6. Digital Radio Mondale & HAM Radio 7. Sky observation - Basics of amateur astronomy 8. Project Thalir

Rocket Modelling :

“It is not rocke tot science” Most of you have come across this phrase from your teachers or tutors. Is rocket science that hard to comprehend? Definitely not. Rocket science is a fascinating subject, which can unlock your curiosity. Unfortunately most of us ended up learning theories and never learned how the rocket actually fly.

OSF rocket modelling workshop provides the best platform to build your own rocket engine. “Dream it - Design it - Fly it” Participants various compartments of rocket, fuel, engine setup, fins, parachute set up etc. ill be provided with a Rocket modelling kit which contains Duration        : 1 to 3 days Requirements    : An open ground facility to ignite rocket. Participate as    : Individual or Team of 2-5. Eligibility : Class 4 and Above

Satellite Modelling:

India has proved its potential in the field of space science with its notable achievements in carrying out various space missions. This clearly implicates the fact that space has opened a great window to infinite career opportunities. Recent days students are also largely interested in making and launching their own satellites.

Satellite making is an easy & exciting subject, provided that we are aware of some basic fundamentals. OSF Satellite Modelling workshop is designed in such a way that participants learn the science of satellite making from scratch. Design your own Satellite with OSF. Duration         : 2-3 days Participate as : Individual or Team of 2-4 Eligibility         : Class 5 and Above

Satellite Tracking:

OSF brings you this exciting opportunity to model an instrument to track National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellites, which is an open source satellite. Participants will also be trained to track the International Space Station and may get a chance to communicate with the Astronauts. Duration    : 1 day Participate as    : Individual or Team of 2 Eligibility     : Class 8th and Above

Telescope Making:

Human eye’s sensitivity and resolution had been increased through the innovation of Telescope. People construct their own telescope with required specifications for venturing hobbies such as Asteroid hunting, comet hunting, exo-planets observations, Astrophotography etc. The International Astronomical Union has even named few Asteroids after the students who discovered it.

OSF brings you the best ever opportunity to build your own telescope. Participants will be provided with a complete kit to build the telescope including grinding & polishing mirrors, cutting tubes, fixing lenses etc.

Duration        : 2 to 5 days Participate as : Individual or Team of 2-5 Eligibility : Class 6 and Above


Robotics is identified as the ultra modern interdisciplinary branch of science and engineering. With an infinite array of research as well as career opportunities, learning the basics of Robotics is an excellent kick start to the world of science and technology, especially for students. OSF’s Robotics workshop is designed aligning with the school curriculum, where the participants will be taught from the very basics of electronics. Guided approach will be ensured throughout the workshop and to connect aspirants with various National & International Robotics forums.

Duration         : 3 to 5 hours per day | Continue weekly or monthly classes Participate as : Individual or Team of 2-3 Eligibility          : Class 6 and Above

HAM Amateur Radio & Software Defined Radio:

HAM Radio is a communication device which is very much useful for communication purposes especially during the disaster period. Those who have HAM can set up their antenna and can connect with people across the globe. In Japan, where earthquakes occur frequently, in order to retain their communication all the houses are having HAM.

This is one kind of scientific hobby where you can learn, share and find friends pan world. Please contact if you are interested to conduct HAM Radio sessions in your institution.

Sky Observation

Observing the night sky is always a heart throbbing experience. OSF brings you the best experience of stargazing with guided resources. Please contact us if you are interested to conduct astronomy  sessions please contact OSF team.

Project Thalir:

Project Thalir is a collective effort to raise environmental awareness. The project consists of the following programs

Foldscope workshop - Foldscope is a cost-effective paper microscope that you can assemble yourself. It’s the best example of how to democratize and decentralize science and technology. 1. Introduction to Zero waste life and management techniques - You can learn how to be a zero waste life 2. follower and be a responsible citizen. 3 Food and Agricultural literacy programme