Phase two astronomy workshop in Desire society, Bengaluru

Dec 25, 2023

On December 8, 2023, Open Space Foundation with Rotary Club Metradynamix conducted the Phase Two Astronomy Workshop at Desire Society, JP Nagar, Bangalore. Building upon the success of the Phase One Introduction to Astronomy Workshop held previously at the same location, this second phase aimed to deepen the students' engagement with astronomy through practical observations and scientific inquiry.

Phase One Recap

The Phase One workshop provided a foundational understanding of the scale of the universe, celestial objects, and significant space exploration missions. The event concluded with a mesmerizing moon observation session, fostering an interactive Q&A session between the students and the Open Space Foundation team.

Objectives of Phase Two

The Phase Two workshop had dual objectives: to impart practical skills in astronomy observation and to guide students in recording their observations for scientific inquiry. By involving students in hands-on activities, the workshop aimed to inspire a genuine interest in astronomy, while also introducing them to the scientific method and experimental temperament.

Moon Observation Activity

In this phase, students were tasked with observing the phases of the moon daily, recording their observations with a timestamp, and noting the moon's shape and position in the sky. The enthusiasm among the students to initiate their first astronomical activity was palpable, as they eagerly embarked on creating their own moon journals.

Planetary Observation through Telescope

The workshop reached its pinnacle with a planetary observation session through telescopes. The children, filled with wonder, observed the bands and four moons of Jupiter. The joyous exclamations reflected not only their newfound knowledge but also their sheer excitement for exploring the mysteries of the night sky.


Extended Session

The students' eagerness and curiosity extended the workshop by an additional two hours, as they continuously returned to the telescopes for more observations. The Open Space Foundation team was delighted to cater to the students' insatiable thirst for knowledge, answering their questions about the celestial wonders with passion and expertise.

Motivation and Progress

By the end of the program, the students exhibited heightened excitement and motivation. Their active participation and keen interest in astronomy foreshadowed promising potential for the Open Space Foundation's future programs. we eagerly anticipates witnessing the continued progress of these budding astronomers in the upcoming Phase Three program.

The Phase Two Astronomy Workshop stands as a testament to the Open Space Foundation's commitment to fostering scientific curiosity to our younger generation. Through carefully curated activities and interactive sessions, the organization not only opened the students' eyes to the wonders of the universe but also ignited a passion for scientific exploration. The success of this workshop paves the way for future initiatives, emphasizing the transformative impact of science education on young minds.