Chasing the Stars: “Exploring the Universe with Open Space Foundation at Karunya Mane, Mysuru"

Democrazily Science Oct 2, 2023

24 September, 2023

The stars above remind us that there's so much more beyond what we can see. Open Space Foundation in association with Project Sitare -  Rotary E-Club Metro Dynamics organized an Astronomy Exploration Program at Karunya Mane, Mysuru to introduce the exciting world of astronomy to the kids, igniting their curiosity and passion for the cosmos. We met 50 curious children eager to explore beyond the starlit horizon. By nurturing their interest, we hoped to encourage them to know more and reach out to the stars.

The program commenced with an engaging theory session, where the students were introduced to the fascinating celestial bodies in our solar system. Moon, asteroids, comets, and planets took center stage during this discussion. The young minds were not only acquainted with these cosmic entities but were also guided on how to observe them. Also, the engaging presentations and interactive discussions encouraged the students to understand various celestial phenomena. Through these sessions, they had the opportunity to learn the pivotal discoveries that have revolutionized our comprehension of the universe. The content was thoughtfully curated to be both accessible and captivating for these young, inquisitive minds nurturing their enthusiasm for the wonders of science and astronomy.

Later, we delved into the intricacies of telescopic technology, focusing on the fundamental principles that power these astronomical tools. The inner workings of the telescope, particularly the role of mirrors and lenses, were demystified, providing the students with a solid understanding of the optics involved.

The enthusiastic part of the program kicked off with an in-depth introduction to the Celestron 114 EQ telescope, which we brought for the event. The telescope served as a focal point, enabling us to provide a comprehensive overview of its components and guide the students on setting it up to observe celestial objects. This hands-on demonstration was instrumental in helping them grasp the mechanics of the telescope and its role in astronomical observations.

Then we moved on to the much-anticipated telescopic observation session. The students eagerly gathered around the telescope, excitement glimmering on their faces. They took turns to make the telescopic observations. This experience left an indelible impression on them, bringing the theoretical knowledge to life and reinforcing their passion for the cosmos.

As we reflect on the impact of this program, we see a constellation of dreams now taking shape within these budding astronomers. The majestic mysteries of the sky have undoubtedly inspired these kids urging them to continue looking upwards, to keep questioning, and to never cease their quest for knowledge. Open Space Foundation remains committed to kindling the flame of curiosity, for it is in the inquisitive minds of the young that the future of space exploration lies.