Democrazily Science Dec 8, 2023

Open Space Foundation, in its commitment to fostering lunar education and exploration, successfully organized a state-level Moon exploration program for 8th-grade students across Tamil Nadu. The Luna Camp 2023, a thrilling state-level Lunar Education and Exploration enrichment program, opened its applications to provide students with a unique opportunity to delve into lunar expeditions through engaging hands-on experiences.

The Luna Camp 2023 screening process consists of two levels. The Luna Talent Test, the first screening at the school level, was followed by the Luna Innovation Challenge, the second screening at the district level. The Luna Talent Test, conducted on October 10, 2023, across the state, saw the enthusiastic participation of 108 schools from 29 districts in Tamil Nadu. This moon-based quiz competition, held for an hour from 10 am to 11 am, featured around 30 questions covering various scientific aspects, features, lunar exploration missions, and all things moon-related.

The test witnessed active and keen participation from both students and teachers, with a total of 1,515 students taking part across Tamil Nadu. Among the participants, 790 were girls, and 725 were boys, showcasing a diverse engagement from various regions. South Tamil Nadu, with participation from 9 districts, including Madurai, Dindigul, Theni, Kanyakumari, Ramanathapuram, Sivagangai, Thoothukudi, Virudhunagar, and Tenkasi, recorded the highest number of participants. North Tamil Nadu and Central Tamil Nadu also had robust participation from 7 and 6 districts, respectively.

Noteworthy participation was seen in West Tamil Nadu, with 7 districts like Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Namakkal, Tiruppur, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri taking part. Virudhunagar district exhibited the highest engagement, with 438 students from 18 schools, followed by Madurai with 242 students from 22 schools, and Coimbatore with 216 students from 16 schools.

The Luna Talent Test, as the first level screening for Luna Camp 2023, generated grand and active participation from schools across Tamil Nadu. The event left an indelible mark of eagerness and excitement among the students, inspiring them to advance to the next level and explore more in the realm of lunar education and exploration.