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OSC Dec 5, 2019

Open Science Center (OSC) is an initiative of Open Space Foundation to create an effective platform for the students / children those who are laying in the Rural and Socio-Economic marginalized parts of our Nation. For the past few years our team is working when and wherever possible to take science to the marginalized section of our community. The experience we gained through these extraordinary journeys taught us that science is not celebrated even in our schools.


This made us to think to setup a platform where scientific communication could happen more intensively through their mother tongue. The strategic priority that should be given to science education cannot be solely happen by institutional framework or policy formulations, but it should happen within the community through on ground interventions. This is the basic idea behind launching the Open Science Centre project.


The project envisages to set-up open science centres at the schools, mainly those situated at rural interior and inaccessible areas. Community involvement, Professional-amateur scientist-student collaborations, connecting top academic institutes with OSC’s etc are some major focus areas. Centres will be provided with training, facilitation, basic kits, simple experiment kits and books.

Open Science Centre is currently running in two government schools and one low budget private school.

  1. Municipal Middle School, Tirupur, Tamilnadu
  2. Panchayat Union Middle School, Aarumugagondanur, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
  3. AVM Matric Public School, Sevoor, Sivagangai (Dt) Tamilnadu

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Application is open throughout the year. Applications are processed and the results are announced annually in the month of May.

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