STEM Teachers Network

Oct 17, 2020

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics) is an international concept to strengthen practical way of approach in Education. It is a creative curriculum approach where subjects are taught with an interdisciplinary approach.

Our teacher's are facing professional and personal issues at various level. These issues arise from socio - economic - gender dimensions. As OSF is aligned with the multi dimensional approach to decentralised educational initiatives, teachers are our key partners in this journey.

STEM Teachers network was thus initiated to bind and gather opportunities for teachers, educators, science enthusiasts, professional scientists, amateurs and researchers.

The network was created to provide platform for aspiring teachers and educators from rural and tribal background to share and voice out their ideas, concerns and professional opportunities and requirements. Regular trainings and discussions are a part of the network. Some of the trainings we covered are curriculum designing, digital and interactive content creation, translation activities, free software adoption, design thinking application in classroom, content management, library management etc.