Tamilnadu Asteroid Search Campaign - 2022

Asteroid Search Campaign Oct 10, 2022

Open Space Foundation proudly presents the "Tamilnadu Asteroid Search Campaign," an annual initiative that propels students into the world of real-time scientific research. This campaign is an integral part of the International Asteroid Search Campaign, in collaboration with the International Astronomical Search Collaboration which has partnered with NASA.

During the campaign, groups of students and teachers diligently analyze image sets captured by the powerful 1.4m/1.8m Pan-STARRS telescopes located in Hawaii. Their mission is to identify the moving signatures of asteroids within the starry expanse. These identified celestial wanderers are closely monitored by the International Astronomical Collaboration Team for further categorization.

Since 2021, Open Space Foundation has been the torchbearer of the Tamilnadu Asteroid Search Campaign, welcoming 20 new teams of science enthusiasts each year. This exceptional campaign enables participants to engage in hands-on astronomical research, fostering a new generation of space scientists.

In 2022, OSF has hosted its 2nd Tamilnadu Asteroid Search Campaign with 20 extraordinary teams from various schools and colleges of Tamilnadu.

Have a look at the List of Preliminary detection of 2nd Tamilnadu Asteroid Search Campaign teams.