Astro Safari - Illuminating the Cosmic Tapestry in Nelyadi, Karnataka, India

Jan 28, 2024

Embarking on a celestial journey through the skies of Karnataka, Astro Safari is a groundbreaking astronomy education road trip pioneered by the Open Space Foundation. As a youth-led organization, the Open Space Foundation is dedicated to propelling the education and aspirations of students in rural India and underprivileged areas. Armed with a telescope, astronomy education resources, a camera, and an unwavering passion for promoting space education in India, the foundation embarked on a transformative journey, bringing the wonders of the universe to the heart of communities.

Destination: Nelyadi, Karnataka - A Celestial Sojourn:

Nelyadi, a village tucked away in the verdant landscapes of Karnataka, served as a significant stopover for the Astro Safari expedition. Nestled just 70 kilometers from the coastal city of Mangalore, this picturesque village became the canvas upon which an astronomical masterpiece unfolded.

Event Arrangements:

Choice of Venue: The Nelyadi Government Middle School, a hub of learning in the heart of the village, proved to be an ideal setting for our Astro Safari pitstop. Its spacious grounds and proximity to the community made it the perfect location to ignite the flames of curiosity.

Diverse Participants: Invitations extended to students, teachers, parents, and the broader public of Nelyadi sparked a remarkable response. A diverse assembly of 250 individuals, united by a shared curiosity about the cosmos, converged to explore the mysteries of the night sky.

Programmatic Highlights:

Skywatch and Introduction to Astronomy: As the sun dipped below the horizon, our Astro Camp came alive with the glow of curiosity. A state-of-the-art projector cast celestial wonders on a makeshift screen, initiating a captivating introduction to the vastness of the universe.

Interactive Learning: Local volunteers, the unsung heroes of our astronomical odyssey, played a pivotal role in breaking down language barriers. Their dedication ensured that scientific concepts and resources were transmitted with the richness they deserved.

Experiments and Demonstrations: From simple experiments unraveling planetary movements to hands-on demonstrations deciphering lunar phases, the participants were immersed in a cosmos of knowledge. These engaging activities laid the foundation for a deeper understanding of the celestial dance unfolding above.

Telescope Setup: A 5-inch telescope, a beacon of cosmic exploration, took center stage. Attendees were treated not only to the marvels of the night sky but also to insights into the intricate workings of telescopes, guidance on building their own, and a historical journey through the annals of astronomy and space exploration.

Moon Observation Extravaganza:

Telescope Showcase: The logistical challenge of managing a substantial crowd was met with unwavering determination. The sight of over 260 individuals, patiently waiting their turn to peer through the telescope, underscored the eagerness and anticipation that surrounded this celestial extravaganza.

Waxing Gibbous Delight: Fortuitously, the lunar cycle blessed the event with a 50% waxing gibbous moon. This celestial alignment offered crystal-clear views of lunar craters, majestic mountains, and the subtle interplay of shadows on the lunar surface.

Educational Engagement: Attendees, ranging from students to teachers and the broader public, reveled in the celestial spectacle. A vibrant atmosphere of shared curiosity and learning emerged, punctuated by a symphony of inquisitive questions that echoed through the night.

Event Duration and Impact:

The grandeur of the event extended over a meticulously planned and executed three-hour window. This timeframe ensured that every participant, irrespective of age or background, had the opportunity to savor their first astronomy experience. The periodic need for telescope realignment, though a logistical challenge, was dwarfed by the immeasurable enthusiasm and joy reflected in the faces of students and attendees.

Conclusion: A Celestial Symphony in Nelyadi:

The Astro Safari in Nelyadi stands as a shining testament to the Open Space Foundation's unwavering commitment to democratizing the wonders of space science in India. The success of the event, marked by enthusiastic participation and educational engagement, reaffirms the foundation's dedication to making astronomy an accessible and enjoyable pursuit for all.


The Open Space Foundation extends heartfelt gratitude to the participants, volunteers, and the resilient community of Nelyadi for their invaluable support. Together, we have not only gazed upon the night sky but also ignited a spark of curiosity that will continue to shine bright in the hearts and minds of all who were part of this celestial spectacle. This event not only added a new chapter to the astronomical narrative of Nelyadi but also fortified the foundation's mission to make the cosmos an open book for all.