District Collector inaugurates Night Sky Observation Programme @ VOC Park Erode

Oct 29, 2023

The Erode VOC Park Sky Observation event, a collaborative effort by the Open Space Foundation and Starvoirs in partnership with the District Administration, witnessed an overwhelming turnout of more than 1500 attendees over the span of two enriching days. The event, held on October 27th and 28th, 2023, aimed to provide an immersive experience of planetary observation and celestial wonders to the local community.

Inauguration by Mr. Rajagopal Sunkara, IAS

The event commenced with an auspicious inauguration by Mr. Rajagopal Sunkara, IAS, the District Collector of Erode District. His presence and words of encouragement marked the official start of this celestial journey.

Engaging Planetary and Lunar Observation

Attendees were treated to an awe-inspiring view of planets and the moon through telescopes. The event was an excellent platform for both children and adults to explore and marvel at the marvels of our solar system. Participants were enthralled as they observed celestial bodies, fostering a deeper connection with the cosmos.

Educational and Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions were conducted by Mr.Bharathkumar Velusamy, Co-Founder of Open Space Foundation and Mr.Bhavanandhi, Co-Founder of Starvoirs provides insights into various astronomical phenomena. These educational sessions aimed to impart knowledge, spark curiosity, and encourage scientific thinking among attendees.

Community Engagement and Success

The overwhelming response and active participation from the community made the event a resounding success. The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the attendees, ranging from students to astronomy enthusiasts, exemplified the event's impact.

The collaborative effort between the Open Space Foundation, Starvoirs, and the District Administration succeeded in creating a vibrant and engaging celestial experience, fostering scientific curiosity and promoting astronomy education among the residents of Erode District.

The event stands as a testament to the collective dedication towards nurturing an interest in astronomy and science within the local community.