Celestial Observation Programme at Sri Akilnadeswari Women's College

Democrazily Science Jan 6, 2024

Open Space Foundation (OSF) conducted an enlightening and immersive Celestial Observation Programme at Sri Akilnadeswari Women's College on January 2nd and 3rd, 2024. The event, a part of OSF's Democrazily Science initiative, aimed to introduce the wonders of the cosmos to the students.

Throughout the two days, OSF's team facilitated the observation of celestial objects, including the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn, providing an exceptional opportunity for over 600 enthusiastic students to explore the mysteries of the universe through telescopic observation.

Sri Akilandeswari Women's College has been a valued and longstanding partner of OSF since 2019, contributing to the organization's efforts in promoting scientific education and space exploration.

The programme received an overwhelming response, as students engaged in discussions and observations under the guidance of OSF's experts. Witnessing the celestial bodies sparked curiosity and excitement among the participants, fostering a more profound interest in astronomy and science.

Open Space Foundation expresses gratitude to Sri Akilnadeswari Women's College for their continuous support and partnership in fostering scientific exploration and education among students.