Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction - வியாழன் - சனி கோள்களின் பேரினைவு

astronomy Dec 11, 2020

As Jupiter and Saturn get close to each other in the sky, a Grand Conjunction will happen on 21st December, when the two planets are only 0.1 degrees apart. Compare this to the full moon, which is 5 times bigger than this distance! Of course this is an alignment in the sky. In reality, the planets are about 600 million km apart. Great Conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn occur every 19.5 years. However, this is the closest one since 1623 C.E. and the next one this close will be in 60 years time. So don’t miss this!

Though the two planets can be seen in a single field of view on 21 December through a small telescope or binoculars, this is essentially a naked eyes event. Start watching them in the evening sky just after sunset today, and see how they get closer every passing day!

Source: https://www.africanastronomicalsociety.org/great-conjunction-2020/